Preparing For Your Holiday Mini Session 2018

Happy Holidays to everyone. The next couple weekends will be filled with Holiday Mini Sessions! I like to share a few helpful hints in preparing for your Holiday Mini Session.  Since we only have a short time together, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and for being prepared.  I can’t wait to see all of your little’s dressed up in their best holiday wear.

1 |  Please be right on time for your session. Don’t come early because that can be a distraction from the session that’s in progress, and please don’t be late because we only have 15 minutes together. If your late it will cut into the amount of images I will be able to capture during our short time together. If your late, you will have to return at the end of the day for your session, as to not throw off the rest of the minis that are scheduled.

2 |  Only bring the people being photographed to your session. Extra people create a distraction.

3 |  If your child naps on the way to your mini session, please give them enough time to wake up and be comfortable before coming into the studio. I always recommend bringing some baby wipes, to give your child a fresh and clean face before photos. Remember to stay calm during your session. If your kiddos are acting up please calmly correct their behavior without yelling.  I know this can be easier said then done at times, but from my experience, yelling wont help, this only upsets them more. There will be lights set up throughout my studio, to avoid children getting hurt, please make sure they are not running around. I appreciate your cooperation, I want our short time together to be as productive as possible.

4 |  The first set up this year will be a formal set up, so please come dressed in your formal wear. Feel free to wear your outside shoes into the studio but have a change of shoes for photos. The new set ups have white and cream rugs, dirty shoes will not be permitted on those sets. After the formal set ups, there will be my traditional holiday bed set up. You will have time for an outfit change into pajamas. Leave your socks at home, I love the little feet at the end of the bed in this set up, so cute.

5 |  I’m strongly suggesting that you bring your child’s favorite (not messy) snack or a sweet treat. I’ll say it, there’s nothing wrong with a good bribe every now and then! Because these are fast paced sessions, sometimes kids need a little motivating to get those smiles out. You know your children best so please just be prepared with whatever you think will make them content for their session.

The Holiday Mini Sessions will take place at the studio at 16 North State Street, Nunda. There is parking in front, a parking lot across the street and around the corner. Again please feel free to contact me with any questions, I want our time together to go as smooth as possible. If you missed the opportunity to book a Holiday Mini Session, you can still book a session here.  Thank you.

Holiday Mini Sessions


Holiday Mini SessionsHoliday Mini Sessions

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