Creating lifestyle portraits at home for the Holidays

I love lifestyle photography and in home sessions. Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that captures your family in real life situations. It’s celebrating the simplicity and beauty of the everyday life.  It tells the story of peoples lives in their most personal space, in their home. Everyone deserves to have gorgeous photos of their family at home for the Holidays. With Christmas only days away I wanted to share my top 3 tips with you on how to create these portraits yourself at home.

1 | Have Fun

If your kids are anything like mine, then you know you can’t make them do anything they don’t feel like doing. If you make taking photos fun, they will be more interested in it. Have them do fun things that make them happy. It’s Christmas morning, catch the excitement in their eyes as they approach the gifts under the tree. The smile that they have when they check to see if Santa enjoyed the treats they left out for him. The way your children rip apart that Christmas wrapping paper to get to the goods. These are all great moments to capture. One of the best parts of lifestyle photography is that your child doesn’t have to be smiling at the camera, its a photo you capture of everyday life. Take as many photos as you want and I bet your favorites will be when they aren’t even looking at the lens.

2 | Lighting

Lighting is everything. Before your kids wake up, go into your living space and open all the curtains. If your a lucky parent whose kids don’t get up before the sun, then turn off any artificial lighting and just use the sunlight coming in the windows.  Give your home as much natural lighting as you possibly can. Don’t interrupt the moment, if your child is opening gifts and their not in the best lighting, move around and change your angel. Sometimes close up isn’t always better, move around and take lots of photos until you find it.

3 | Perfect Imperfections

I’m embracing my inner John Legend with this one and saying love all those perfect imperfections. Lifestyle Photography is about being real and authentic, sometimes that’s not always perfect but it sure is beautiful. Capture the moments that tug at your heart strings. Your family doesn’t have to be looking at the camera for you to feel the happiness in the room with the photo.


I hope these tips help you in capturing those beautiful Christmas morning moments. I’m leaving you with one of my favorite quotes from Andy Rooney about Christmas morning. Embrace the beautiful mess of Christmas morning. I hope everyone has a special Holiday surrounded by the people that you love. Merry Christmas!