The ABC Questions and Answers with Chelsie Renae | Western New York Photographer

what Annoys you? Putting away laundry, I’d rather dig through baskets and if it wasn’t for my husband it would never get put away.

when is your Birthday?  March 2nd and I just turned 29…again.

what kind of Camera do you use? I shoot with a nikon d700 and I have the d90 as my backup.

do you have a Dog? Yes I have an english bulldog/vacuum cleaner.

how do you like your Eggs?  Over hard or scrambled.

what is your favorite Food? Right now it would be roasted cauliflower with garlic salt but you can’t go wrong with cookie dough.

are you Green? We recycle and compost and I use recycled material in all my packaging. I try to do what I can.

How did you get started in photography? Like many people I started wanting better pictures of my kids, I had no intentions of doing more then shooting pictures of them and it kind of blew up for me. I love what I do and I’m so lucky to have awesome clients that love it too.

do you play an Instrument? No I don’t play anything, nor can I sing 🙂

what is your favorite Junk food? Besides cookie dough, I love reese eggs or any of the holiday ones that have more peanut butter stuffed in them.

do you have Kids? Yes I have 4 pretty awesome kids.

what is your favorite Lens? I LOVE my 85mm outside and my 50mm inside.

are you a pc or Mac? I switched to Mac last year and I’ve never looked back. I love my Mac.

do you shoot Natural light or studio lighting? Both!

what Other hobbies do you have? I like to garden, read, knit and zumba.

what is your favorite subject to Photograph? I love newborns so much! The fact they will never, ever be that little again and how tiny everything is, amazes me.

do you want to skip the letter Q? Yes please 🙂

Read the book, or watch the movie? Book always.

Studio or on location? I do a bit of both actually, but I shoot newborns in the studio where I have all my props.

are you a Twilight fan? I was a late bloomer, but I’m a total Twilight geek now 😉

what would be Under your rainbow? a new d3x :swoon:

name something that you find Very relaxing? I love to garden and just let my mind wander as I pull weeds and play in the dirt.

favorite Weather? I love the heat and hate the cold. It’s really not ideal, me living in WNY.

Yuckiest food? Salmon! No matter how many ways I try it, and I do try to eat it because of the omega’s it’s nasty and fishy tasting to me. blah.

favorite animal at the Zoo? I love the otters and could watch them for hours!

I n s t a g r a m
F a c e b o o k