Lila Has Arrived! | Rochester/Buffalo Area Newborn Photographer

This little beauty waited until after her due date to come meet everyone, but it was worth the wait! She is so precious and means a whole lot to her big sister, well, that is when her big sister isn’t picking on her for not having any Chelsie Renae photos to hang on the wall. I received this email in my inbox:

   Little Ms Lila Maebh (pronounced Ma+eve)  was born 9/20/2011 at 9:18pm.  She would really love to come meet you for a photo session.  You see the sibling rivalry has already begun.  Clara was bragging that mom and dad got her 3 big “Chelsie Renae’s” on the wall and she would prolly only get some “Target’s” or “Sears and Roebuck’s”…it made Lila cry. (really she was just hungry).  If you could send us a few dates and times that would work with your schedule to make this happen we would greatly appreciate it. She will be 2 weeks old on Oct 4th so anytime before then would be awesome. (Unless you want your artwork on display next to a JcPenny in my living room!)  🙂  

Her big sister Clara isn’t really mean. It’s just that sibling rivalrey thing. I had the pleasure of taking pics of Clara, and she is adorable and cuddly just like her new baby sister.




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