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It’s time to figure out your wall displays! Okay so you had your session, you’ve picked out your favorites, or ended up with the whole she-bang on disc…now what? I’ve been there, no judging coming from this girl! I have piles of prints laying around, stacks of mounted prints, not yet hung … and at the studio I have at least 5 empty frames hidden away in my cubby hole. I should be ashamed of myself, but honestly I have such good intentions when I order these things and such big ideas, I’m not sure what happens.  So I think we all need a big dose of wall display inspiration (thank you Pinterest) to get ourselves inspired and get those photos on the walls where they belong!

First lets talk about size.  I personally don’t like small prints on my wall. They are fine to gift to family and friends, but when you are ready to display your treasured images in your home, you don’t want to put a small 8×10 up behind your couch.  It looks blah and it’s so small people will have to walk over squinting to even see the actual image, so don’t bother.

Here is a great visual on size comparison.  See what I mean about those small prints?

Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

I love these simple black and whites behind the couch.


Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

Or maybe a collage of smaller print sizes. These look to be either 10×10 or 12×12 prints, the frames add the extra umpf needed to bring it all together.


Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

I’ve been thinking about doing this behind my couch. Right now I have a huge 40×60 gallery wrap up there (we have tall ceilings) but I really love the homey feel of this display.


Source: Uploaded by user via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

Here are some other great groupings!


Something like this would be great going up the stairs! I think stairs are hard, I like the collage look and the wall decal mixed in with the images. You can find those wall decal sayings all over Etsy for pretty cheap.


I love the looks of shelves and ledges for displaying your photos. It gives you a chance to add in some other objects as well.



Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

Source: via Chelsie Renae Photography on Pinterest

Back to small prints. Although I don’t like them up on the wall as a statement, there are many fun things to do with them. I think it’s super duper important to remember to take lots of snapshots of your loved ones.  This is something I’ve really struggled with since I have gotten into photography. I love taking pictures, but I’m super picky, so it’s been hard for me to just take some snapshots and be content with them when they’re not technically “good”.  Instagram is amazing for this! If you don’t have instagram on your phone, get it! There are so many fun things you can do with your instagram photos too!  Feel free to FOLLOW ME on there as well! I don’t post much business stuff, it’s mostly personal pictures of my kids or myself.



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 Well what are you waiting for? Go hang up some of you art!! 🙂

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