DIY Mason Jar Cup With Straw!

As I was planning on my Valentine’s Day mini sessions, I decided I wanted to make some of these cute little jars I’ve seen around for the kids. They ended up being pretty easy and they look so stinking cute! My little guy insisted on bringing his home to have at the house he liked it so much and yep…that’s my little one at the end of the post! He is such a ham!

So you only need a few things to started:
Jars with lids
Rubber grommets – take your straw with you to the hardware store to be sure to get the correct size grommets. Lucky for me, we have the best local hardware store here with Nunda Lumber and Hardware so I had lots of help getting what I needed. Thanks guys!!
Needle nose pliers


I used a drill bit just a little big larger than my straw. You’re going to want the grommet to fit in nice an tight to prevent any leaking.
TIP: Get the drill spinning first, then apply pressure and it will pop right through.

Going slow results it more jagged of a hole, see the difference?


Take a pair of clippers and snip off the rough edges.

Once you have the holes drilled it’s time to get the grommets in. This part was a little harder. I found it easier to use the needle nose pliers and work it into the hole, then flip it over and pull the backside through.


Now you will need to wash them all out to get rid of the little metal pieces. Then just stick in a straw and that’s it!!

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