A Day In Our Life

So for some time I’ve wanted to just take a full day and shoot my life. That day finally came yesterday and although I drove my kids nuts, I love each and every photograph because they are real to me.  My regrets are that my oldest daughter wasn’t home at all and therefor not in any of the images, and my oldest son was being a turd and hiding from me.  He did say he would let me if I got him a new xbox game, how kind of him 😉

A quick rundown of our day.  Waking, playing with bunnies, cartoons, breakfast, crafts, more playing, clean up from breakfast, check my email and facebook, start some laundry, make lunch, clean up lunch, switch the laundry over, nap time (a personal favorite for Mommy), computer playtime for Mommy which includes checking emails, facebook, chatting with my IM buddies, Jocie plays quiet in her room (she is actually home sick from school here), Time for Austin to come home and hide from me (I wonder if I acted like this when I was 14?), Visit from Nana which makes Brayden’s day always,  get supper around,  Daddy comes home, Eat dinner, Clean up the dinner mess (Thanks Tim!), Get the kids around for their baths, Watch a new netflix movie with popcorn of course, Bedtime, Then I made some yummy bread dough that I baked today and edited pictures 🙂

I n s t a g r a m
F a c e b o o k